Lunching out: Mackey's Bar and Grill

Mackey's has, apparently, moved from the far west end of Galveston Island up to Webster.  They've taken over the original spot for the late, lamented Valentino's Seafood.

I tried their Beefeater sandwich with fries and bread pudding.  The sandwich was pretty good, it tasted a bit salty.  I never really trust my taste buds on saltiness, so it might have been fine, but just struck me a little off.  The bread was good and everything was cooked nicely.  The fries were nicely cooked and of the battered variety.

The bread pudding was a decent example of its category.  A not terribly imaginative raisin with a, I think, Gran Marnier sauce.

Overall, it's worth another trip to try other items on the menu.  With the bread pudding, lunch set me back about $20.