Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 06/12/10

Aikidokas: Tim, Trey, Brad, and Dan.

Ukemi: Light warm-up for me.  I spent a bunch of time with Dan on his rolls.  We brought out the crash pad.  I made a slight change and gave him an aid on his rolls.  His left side improved dramatically, we're waiting for his right side to catch up.

The Walk: Twice.

Releases: With Brad.


I worked with Brad on #6 and #7 of Ju Nana.  He's quite improved.

At the end of the class I worked with Trey on 1, 2, and 4 of San Kata kneeling.  We skipped three for the moment, probably a while, as it's a kote-gaeshi.  And my wrist cant take that for a while.

Aftermath: At some point during the weekend, Trey threw me with a kote gaeshi that I should not have taken.  My wrist has been sore, off and on, for a couple of weeks.  When he threw me with that kote, I yelped.  the doc has determined that it's sprained and I've got drugs and a brace to help me through the next few weeks.  I'm betting that I'm left side only on that throw for a while.  And, with the brace on, I probably ought to limit my falls, overall.