Weekend update

Friday: Wedding rehearsal for my niece

Saturday: Pick up my sister at the airport and then off to the wedding

Sunday: Brunch at my other sister's and then "The Soloist"

Monday: Spent a lot of time working on "Art Show Helper", a web-based program for convention art shows to use. "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" on DVD

No aikido

The weekend was filled with wedding stuff (my niece's) and out-of-town relatives. there was no chance for me to get to the dojo. I hope class went ok without me, as Trey had to run both days, afaik.

At the movies: Fantastic Four and the Rise of the Silver Surfer

Fantastic Four and the Rise of the Silver Surfer: 2

K. and I saw this on DVD the other night. It was a fun movie, but would have been a disappointment in the theatre. The best part was probably Stan Lee's cameo.

There was at least one issue with editing that I noticed. Human Torch hugs Thing after HT has been altered by the Silver Surfer and they immediately cut away. HT and Thing should have swapped powers, but they didn't.

Also, the amount of damage done to the earth prior to Galactus arriving would have been enough to doom the planet, I think.

At the movies: The Soloist

The Soloist: 3

A good movie chronicling a newspaper columnist's attempt to aid and befriend a mentally-disturbed cellist. Jamie Foxx did a good job as the cellist. Robert Downey, Jr. did an ok job as the columnist.

Parts of the film tried to allow the audience to experience, I think, synesthesia. It was a decent attempt.

At one point during the movie I thought we were watching a John Woo flick. We were following the flight of two pigeons across the city of L.A. Now, JW uses doves, so it wasn't quite the same.

I got a good chuckle out of the scene in the bar after RDJ was beaten up by JF and a Neil Diamond song was on the juke box.

I'm not certain what point was being made by the coyote urine sub-plot.

At the movies: Star Trek

Star Trek: 3

I saw this on opening weekend and am just getting around to reporting on it. I enjoyed the casting and the premise of a complete reboot of the series.

I'm not so happy with the story. Time travel is a well-worn crutch and should be used carefully. The fact that the villain just sat around plotting his revenge instead of saving his planet, was annoying. I can see the need for time travel if they wanted to get Old Spock into the cast. They should have done something better with it, though.

The animal on the ice planet was not well integrated into the area. Why had it not attacked the Federation installation?

The fact that Kirk landed very close to where Spock was hiding was just too pat.


Weekend update

Friday: aikido

Saturday: Mowed the lawn, aikido, the Preakness, dinner with K. at Durango's

Sunday: edged the lawn, watched the Rockets get trashed, roast for dinner with the in-laws.

Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 5/16/09

Aikidokas: Trey and Tom.

Ukemi: Watched over Tom.

The Walk: As usual. Some minor corrections needed to be made on the first pivot step.

Releases: Round-robin releases.


We did a round-robin on the releases as well. I uke'd for Trey on 1-10 and we both uke'd for Tom on Shomen-ate. He is improving, reducing the number of times he shot puts.

Aftermath: I think I need to get to the orthopedist about my arm. We'll see.

Aikido Friday Night - 5/15/09

Aikidokas: Trey, Brad and Tom.

Ukemi: Watched over Brad and Tom.

The Walk: As usual.

Releases: with Brad.


I worked with Brad on Shomen-ate, Aigamae-ate, Gyakugamae-ate and Ushiro-ate. I want to continue working on these techniques as much as possible. I want to see him "get" them.

Trey worked with Tom on releases and anti-shot put drills.

Aftermath: None of note.


Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 5/9/09

Aikidokas: Brad. I was getting ready to run through a bunch of repetitions of the walk by myself when Brad arrived. His arrival saved me from doing the walk backward and with the right-foot first.

Ukemi: Watched over Brad.

The Walk: As usual. Made a couple of suggestions on hand position and timing.

Releases: None.


We started off with the anti-shot put drill and then moved on to techniques. We worked on Shomen-ate, Aigamae-ate, and Gyakugamae-ate.

He did really well. I hope we get to work on them some more this coming week.

Aftermath: None of note.

Aikido Friday Night - 5/8/09

Aikidokas: Trey and Jason.

Ukemi: Watched over Jason.

The Walk: As usual. We then spent a good portion of the evening going over the steps to the Walk. 2 on 1 is a good approach to teaching the Walk: one showing, one kibbitzing.


We then spent some time working on timing and getting off-line. Jason picked up on the drill and the timing very quickly.

Trey and I uke'd for each other on some techniques and interspersed that with attacking Jason and having him get off-line.

Aftermath: None of note.


Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 5/2/09

Aikidokas: Trey, Tom, and Jason (a new student).

Ukemi: Watched over Jason.

The Walk: As usual.

Releases: with Tom. We spent a fair amount of time on them tonight.


Ju Nana Hon Kata

We did some work with a drill to eliminate shot puts from the finish of techniques.

We worked on Gedan-ate, Ushiro-ate, and Oshi taoshi. Wanted to give Trey some time at the end of class to work on things.

Aftermath: None of note.

Aikido Friday Night - 5/1/09

Aikidokas: Trey and Brad. Sensei Tim was in the hospital. It looks like I may be running things for a number of weeks or months.

Ukemi: Watched over Brad.

The Walk: As usual.

Releases: with Brad. We spent the entire night on them. We worked on the relases and how to uke for the releases.

Aftermath: None of note.