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Wednesday workout

I seemed to work at lot harder on the elliptical and only burned 5 extra calories.  Everything seemed tougher today.

Elliptical: 14 minutes, incline, level 3, 1.8 miles, 185 cal

Leg press (both): 2 x 15@110 lbs
Leg press (left): 2 x 15@80 lbs
Leg press (right): 2 x 15@80 lbs

Leg extension(both): 2 x 15@50 lbs
Leg curl (both): 2 x 15@40 lbs

Standard chest straight motion: 2 x 15@100 lbs

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Monday workout

Going to try to keep track of my workouts.  I've been doing a twice-weekly workout since my rehab for me knee, and I'd like to keep it up.

Elliptical: 14 minutes, incline, level 3, 1.8 miles, 179 cal

Leg press (both): 2 x 15@110 lbs
Leg press (left): 2 x 15@80 lbs
Leg press (right): 2 x 15@80 lbs

Leg extension(both): 2 x 15@50 lbs
Leg curl (both): 2 x 15@40 lbs

Standard chest straight motion: 2 x 15@100 lbs

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Bread Baking for the weekend

I baked four recipes over the weekend.  The first was the usual blueberry muffins, with a little extra orange rind. 

The second one was a batch of sourdough.  I started waking the starter on Friday morning.  I wanted to double the amount of starter I had on hand, so I could bake two loaves.  It got mixed up on Saturday, and then did a slow ferment in the fridge until about 2 p.m. Sunday.  The below picture is of the first loaf out of the oven.  The second loaf did not look quite as pretty.

I gave this loaf to one of our neighbors.

The third was another batch of Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls.  These are going to K.'s work, with a few going to the neighbor who got the sourdough.

The fourth was another attempt at Tartine Country Bread.  The previous attempt was too wet and it ruined a banneton.  This one was better, but the bread still oozed on the baking stone.  The bannetons did not get ruined, and the bread was good, but there is still room for improvement.  I'm not certain what to do, yet.

Here's the recipe I tried:

200g of leaven
700g of water
800g bread flour
200g wheat flour

Mix together and let rest for 40 minutes

50g water
20g salt

Mix, cover, and let bulk ferment for 3-4 hours, turning and folding every 30 minutes

Split into two halves, shape each into a ball.  Cover and let rest for 30 minutes.

Shape each half, and place in well-floured banneton.  Let rise for 4 hours.

Set oven at 500, with baking stone.  Place your steam-catching cover in the oven 5 minutes before putting the bread in.  Sprinkle the visible portion of the loaf with a large amount of rice flour, turn onto a bread peal.  Slit the loaf with a lame, spritz thoroughly with water.  Slide the loaf onto the baking stone and cover with the steam catcher.  Turn the oven down to 450.  After 20 minutes, remove the cover.  After 10 more minutes, rotate the loaf 180 degrees in the oven.

Weekend update


Lunch at Frenchie's


Blueberry muffins
Started working on Tartine Country Bread
Started working on another batch of basic sourdough
Fry's and Academy
Dinner at El Centinela with K.


Started reading David Feintuch's "The Still".  Almost stopped because the lead character was a jerk
More work on Tartine Country Bread, Sourdough and a batch of Sweet Potato Cinnamon rolls
Work in the garden on the blackberry, and grape supports
Transplanted two blueberry bushes about 20 feet southwest into sandier soil
Baked Tartine Country Bread, Sourdough and Sweet Potato Cinnamon rolls
Took some rolls and a loaf of sourdough over to a neighbor who'd jokingly complained about not receiving any of my baked goods
Oscar Night

Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 2/23/13

Aikido players: Tim, Marvin, Gail, and Hussein.


I managed to get all of my warm-up rolls in and then helped Gail some with hers.

The Walk:

Twice as usual. 


I worked with Gail on hers.  She's a bit of a puzzle as an uke for releases.


I worked with Gail on 3-step Shomen-ate.  It was the first time she'd tried 3-step for a technique, and she did pretty well.

Tim and I did some more work on double-bokken.

1. Maintain center-line with shomen strike
2. Get off-line to the right and perform shomen strike
3. Late reaction, block while sliding to the right, strike to the neck
4. Fake going up for a shomen strike, sword tip to neck

Not sure about the order of these

5. Late reaction, block while sliding to the left, strike to the neck
6. ????
7. Move off-line to the left, slash gut, end in hasso
8. Block and push combinations


None of note.

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Aikido Friday Night - 2/22/13

Aikido players: Tim, Trey,  Marvin, Gail, and Rob.


I did a full set of warm-ups, then watched over Marvin and Gail.  Gail is now doing front rolls!!!!!

The Walk:

Twice as usual. 


I worked with Marvin.  We got through all of them.


Worked with Marvin on 3-step shomenate.  By the end of the evening he was much better with the footwork on the right side.  We did a little work on the left side before time expired.


None of note

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Pics of Strider

K. managed to get some pictures of Strider last night, while he was riding around on my shoulers.

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Boskone 50, aka a weekend update

I took a trip up to Boston for Boskone this past weekend, mainly to chat with folks about Art Show lighting.  I also help sit the table for LoneStarCon 3 to sell memberships, and was finally able to meet an online aikido friend in meat space.  Quite cool!


Up at 3:30 a.m. to catch a 6:05 a.m. flight out of Hobby.  K woke up and drove me to the airport because she wanted to be able to use both vehicles at some point during the weekend.  I got through TSA fairly quickly, boarded the plane, and took off.  On the first leg I was able to doze.  On the second leg I managed to get some reading of "Borne in Blood" by Chelsea Quinn Yarbor done.

Arrived in Boston, and bought a 7 day MBTA pass.  Hopped the Red Line to the Aquarium station and found myself right in front of my hotel.  The hotel had a great location for everything except the convention, but with judicious planning that became a non-factor.  I checked in, repacked the suitcase and backpack for convention going, and then headed off to the convention hotel.

I tried following the Google Maps directions, but they were so detailed they were useless.  So, I got a general sense of where they were sending me and explored.  I had some trouble once I got to World Trade Center Station trying to figure out the best way through/around, but I managed.  the distance from hotel to hotel was about 1.4 miles.

I got to the Westin and discovered that there was nothing to do for the con for another few hours.  I chatted a bit with Jim Mann and Ben Yalow until they went off to a meeting.  At that point, I curled up with the book again.

At around 5, I went down to the con and helped to set up the Art show.  My height, as usual, was called into service several times.  I stayed there until about 10, and then walked back to the Harborside Inn.


Up around 7, I walked about 0.8 miles to the Capitol Coffee House on Bowdoin.  It's a small local, Italian-family owned place.  Decent food, obviously a bunch of regulars were dining there.  From there, back to the Harborside and then off to the Westin.  I helped with more setup until a little before 4. 

At that point, I took off on MBTA to get up to Beverly to see Poxbox at his aikido dojo.  I took the Silver Line to south Station, caught the Red Line to Park Street Station, the Green Line to North Station, and the commuter rail to Beverly.  I partially attempted this when I was at Boskone 4 years ago, but I was under the weather and was cognitively impaired.  I failed back then.  I succeeded this time.

I got to the dojo, met Eric and watched the class.  Afterwards, we drove to Salem and ate at the Salem Beer Works.  Decent food and good beer.

Eric then drove me back into town and dropped me off at the hotel.


Up at 6 a.m. to make it to Kane's donuts in Saugus, Ma. at a decent time.  I'd seen Kane's on a Food Channel program that rated it as one of the 10 best donut shops in the U.S., so I had to give it a try.  through conversations on Friday, it was recommended that I get some extra to hand out at the LSC3 table, so I planned on getting 2 dozen.

So, the trip was on the Blue Line to Wonderland Station and then the 426 bus to Kane's.  It took about 45 minutes.  Kane's is a small little place, about the size of the typical Shipley's in Houston.  5 tables and a small counter facing outside, for folks to sit and eat at.  After I grabbed my 2 dozen, and a t-shirt, I went and waited for the bus.

It was snowing, and my phone said the bus would be a while, so I went back inside and ate a couple of donuts.  They were pretty good.  They did offer quite a variety!

Outside again, in the snow, I caught the bus in to Wonderland station.  I think my connections were as follows: Wonderland to Airport Station on the Blue Line, Airport Shuttle to terminal A, Silver Line to World Trade Center.  And then walk to the Westin.

So, I sat at the table and wandered the Art Show and Dealer's Room.  At around 5 I chatted with Chip Hancock about lighting and then got my "Faces of Science Fiction" signed by Jerry Pournelle.

Sasha, one of a few dogs wandering the con

I then walked to "No Name Restaurant" where I had broiled swordfish and blueberry pie.  the blueberry pie was forgettable, but the Swordfish was okay.

Then on back to the Harborside.


Up around 7 or so and off to breakfast at the Paramount.  The trip there required a couple of connections on the subway and a 6 block walk in driving snow and pretty cold temps.  I was wondering whether they would be open, given the conditions.  When I got there at their opening time and saw several folks already inside, I realized that this is typical weather for Boston, they would not close for this.

I had French Toast, bacon and orange juice.  Good stuff.

Reversed my travel, bundled up nice and warm for the walk to the Westin and headed back to the con.

More sitting at the table, more chatting about lighting, and I got my "Faces of Fantasy" signed by Greer Gilman.  Then, tear down of the Art Show.

Then off to dinner at Amrhein's with a bunch of the Art Show folks, back the the Westin and then the cold walk back to the Harborside.


Up around 7, off to a nearby Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.  Not that great.

On to the T to get to the airport.  Got through TSA and onto the plane.  Managed to get the seat with double legroom.  Reading CQY's "Commedia della Morte".  I finished that book on the second leg and started John Scalzi's "Fuzzy Nation"

We were delayed in the air by storms at Hobby, so we got in a bit late.  K was there, waiting to take me home

An adventurous and productive weekend.


Sourdough from this weekend

I made a loaf of sourdough this weekend.  Started on Saturday, reviving the starter, and then moved on to mixing the dough on Sunday.  The recipe called for the dough to ferment in the refrigerator overnight (which I had not noticed - I do tend to under-investigate recipes before plunging into them).  So after the bulk fermentation, I put the loaf in the banneton, covered it with a cloth and slid it into the fridge.

Monday, after work, I got it out of the fridge and put it on my rising shelf (the top shelf over the washing machine) to let it get ready for the oven.  After about two hours, the dough was ready.  I'd already heated the oven and the baking stone, so I put the loaf on my homemade bread peel and slit it onto the baking stone.  I spritzed the loaf with water, covered it with the body of one of my enamel roasting pans, and let the heat do its work.

It turned out amazing!  My best loaf yet!  Even though I did not turn the oven down when I should have, and the result had just a little charring.  The crust was fabulous, the crumb was great and the look was perfect.  You'll notice, in the pictures of the cut slices, the left bottom corner is just a little too dark.

Below are pictures.

Thanks to Northwest Sourdough for the recipe and technique.

Volleyball, 3-0

We had a good game last night, against one of the newer teams.  The first game we won fairly convincingly, the next two were pretty close.  I think we let off a bit, we were not playing well in the last two games.

I took a risk and did some jumping during the match and, while I can tell I did a little more than normal, the knee's not giving me a lot of grief.

2-0 so far this season.  Cool.


Lunching out: Papa Gayo's

I stopped by Papa Gayo's this past Friday.  It was hidden away in a strip center.  the name sounded like a chain to me, but the interior indicated to me that it's locally run.  Traditional colors and a little shop-worn

It was a nice place.  A crowd of regulars, I'd bet, made up the patrons.

Dive?  Close enough

I ordered their mixed fajitas, as I saw no Enchiladas Suizas on the lunch menu

I'm starting to work on a rating system for Mexican restaurants.  Each of the below categories is out of a possible 5

Atmosphere:4 (too much music)
Green Salsa: 4
Red Salsa: 2 (canned tomato taste)
Chips: 4
Rice: 5
Beans (charro): 5
Fajitas: 4

It scored really well.  This is the running a our regular place.  I need to try it again and see if my digestive troubles were caused by this meal.  We also need to try it and see how their margaritas are.

Papa Gayo's on Urbanspoon

At the Movies: Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania: 3

A Sony pictures animated film with the voices of: Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi, Selena Gomes, Kevin James, John Lovitz, and David Spade, among others.  The story revolves around a single Vampire father (Count Dracula), raising his daughter in a world where he believes humans are out to get all of the monsters he knows.  He's created a hotel where monsters can be safe: no humans will find them.

Until, one day, a human backpacker stumbles across the hotel.

Hijinks ensue as the Count tries to keep the hotel guests from discovering that a human is in their midst as the backpacker and the Count's daughter fall in love.

There are scenes that work in the movie, but the story does not hang together as a whole for me

Weekend update


Lunch at Papa Gayo's


Blueberry muffins
Dug holes for new location for blueberry bushes
Put in new stakes for grapes and blackberry bushes
Harvested one blood orange tree
"Hotel Transylvania" on DVD


Artfire work
Paid some bills
Balanced the checkbook
Started dough for sourdough bread
Attempted dough for Marbled Rye, but the Rye flour was infested with bugs
Started dough for Light Wheat bread
Did LSC3 art show work had been putting off for a bit
"Fellowship of the Ring" on DVD
Baked the Light Wheat
Put the sourdough in the fridge to ferment overnight


Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 2/9/13

Aikido players: Tim, Hussein, and Rob.


I helped Rob and Hussein and took a few rolls myself

The Walk:

Twice as usual.  Then we spent a lot of time on the last four of the Walk


Hussein and Rob worked on the first 4, and then exposed Rob to the fifth release


Tim and I did a little work on double bokken stuff.  My gut was complaining, so I chose discretion as the better part of valor and got off the mat before something happened


Gut was probably upset at something I ate.  Not sure what it might have been.

Aikido Friday Night - 2/8/13

Aikido players: Tim, Trey,  Marvin, Gail, Dennis, and Rob.


I watched over Rob and Deniis.  I did take some front rolls.

The Walk:

Twice as usual. 


I worked with Rob.  We got through the first 4.


Did a brief introduction to "Punch the Dummy"


None of note


Aikido Thursday Night - 2/7/13

Aikido players: Troy



The Walk:

Not tonight.


Not tonight


We worked through 1, 2, 3, and 5 of Ju Nana hon Kata.  Sticky feet were an issue on the mat tonight for some reason.  That was mucking with both of our footwork.


None of note.

Mexican restaurants - updated

Here are 92 Mexican restaurants that Urbanspoon lists in our area.

I've broken them into groups to make this more manageable

Untried and close

Martinez Mexican Bakery NASA/Clear Lake -  17637 El Camino Real
Tejas Cafe Almeda Ellington - 12348 Gulf Fwy

Untried and further away

Alberto's Mexican Dickinson/Texas City - 129 Grand Ave

Anthonys Mexican  Dickinson/Texas City - 941 Grand Ave

Benito's Dickinson/Texas City - 1309 1st St

Cabos Grill Dickinson/Texas City - 3474 Palmer Hwy

Campo Azul  Dickinson/Texas City - 2441 FM 646

Don Julios  Dickinson/Texas City -  1804 West FM 646, Suite F

El Patio Cafe Dickinson/Texas City - 2819 22nd Ave N

El Sombrero Cafe  Dickinson/Texas City - 9302 Hwy 6

Garcia's Grill  Dickinson/Texas City - 2015 Fm 517 Rd E

Juan Big Burritos NASA/Clear Lake -  176 Gulf Fwy S

Juanita's Taqueria Alvin -  106 S 3rd St

La Brisa Mexican Bar & Grill  Dickinson/Texas City - 4001 Hwy 146

La Frontera  Dickinson/Texas City - 2301 Hwy 3

La Michoacana Dickinson/Texas City - 3528 Palmer Hwy

Laredo's Mexican  NASA/Clear Lake -  2119 Bayport Blvd

Las Flores Mexican   Alvin - 306 E House St

Nopalera Grill  Dickinson/Texas City -  1736 Texas Ave

Orlando's Mexican Cafe Alvin - 2625 S Loop 35

Rio Verde Alvin - 1109 W Hwy 6

Senor Frog Dickinson/Texas City - 13210 Hwy 6

Señor Sombreros  NASA/Clear Lake - 2640 E. League City Pkwy

Taqueria El Jaliciense  Dickinson/Texas City - 2013 10th Ave N

Taqueria la Estasion Alvin -  23930 W Hwy 6

Taqueria la Tapatia  Alvin -  617 S Gordon St

Taqueria Los Panchitos Alvin -  22440 W Hwy 6

Tequila Mia's  NASA/Clear Lake -  800 Bradford St.

Taqueria Ringos NASA/Clear Lake - 3520 Nasa Pkwy

Valdo's Mexican Cafe Dickinson/Texas City - 942 Grand Ave

Vicki's Burger, Burritos and... Dickinson/Texas City - 9302 FM 2004

Viva Mexico Dickinson/Texas City -  5828 Fm 517 Rd E

Tried and remain a possibility

Don Pico's Mexican  NASA/Clear Lake - 2110 Bay Area Blvd

El Centinela  NASA/Clear Lake - 104 Hwy. 3 North

El Dorado Mexican  NASA/Clear Lake - 1962 El Dorado Blvd

Esteban's Cafe & Cantina  NASA/Clear Lake - 402 W Main St

Gabacho's Mexican Grill  NASA/Clear Lake - 4449 Nasa Rd 1

Leila's Mexican Restaurant  NASA/Clear Lake - 18119 Egret Bay Blvd/Fm 270

Los Ramirez Mexican  NASA/Clear Lake - 16630 El Camino Real

Mom Alone Mexican Grill  NASA/Clear Lake -1199 Nasa Pky

Papa Gayo's  Ellington -  10943 Scarsdale Blvd

San Lorenzo Mexican  NASA/Clear Lake - 3202 Marina Bay Dr

Tried and rejected

Anita's Mexican  NASA/Clear Lake - 4624 Nasa Pkwy

Barcena's Mexican  Friendswood - 2200 W Bay Area Blvd

Bravos Mexican 69% Ellington -  10906 Fuqua St

Delia's Cafe Alvin -  2211 N Gordon St

Don Julio's Mexican...  NASA/Clear Lake -  2900 Nasa Parkway

Dos Mas Mexican  NASA/Clear Lake - 103 W Bay Area Blvd

Eduardo's Mexican Kitchen  NASA/Clear Lake - 911 Nasa Parkway

Ferrufino's Restaurant Ellington -11051 Fuqua D

La Brisa On The Creek NASA/Clear Lake - 501 N Wesley Dr

Las Haciendas Ellington - 12933 Gulf Freeway

Las Haciendas Mexican Bar &...  NASA/Clear Lake - 1020 W Nasa Rd 1

Luna's  Friendswood - 704 W Parkwood Ave

Luna's Dickinson/Texas City - 8399 Emmett F Lowry Expy

Lupe Tortilla - Clear Lake  NASA/Clear Lake - 891 W Bay Area Blvd

Mamacitas  NASA/Clear Lake -  515 E Nasa Rd 1

Marinas Mexican Restaurant  NASA/Clear Lake -  3500 West Main St.

Moreno's Bar-B-Q NASA/Clear Lake -1425 NASA RD 1

Moreno's Mexican  Friendswood - 2407 W Parkwood Ave

Olivia's Mexican NASA/Clear Lake - 223 E Nasa Rd 1

Rancho Mexican  Friendswood - 146 W Parkwood Ave

Refqueria-Taqueria Palmeras NASA/Clear Lake -  17651 El Camino Real

Rey Del Pollo  Ellington - 10092 Kleckley

Rivera's Mex Sal NASA/Clear Lake - 233 E Nasa Rd 1

Taqueria NASA  NASA/Clear Lake - 2622 Nasa rd 1


Berryhill Baja Grill &...  NASA/Clear Lake - 19431 Gatebrook Dr

Burritos & Wings NASA/Clear Lake - 1227 Bay Area Blvd

Cafe Adobe NASA/Clear Lake - 1330 W Bay Area Blvd

Casa Ole' Alvin -  1483 E Hwy 6

Casa Ole Mexican  Ellington - 12350 Gulf Fwy

Chuy's (Webster)  NASA/Clear Lake -  20975 Gulf Freeway

Freebirds World Burrito  NASA/Clear Lake -  528 W Bay Area Blvd

Monterey's Little Mexico  Dickinson/Texas City - 3327 Gulf Fwy

Pappasito's Cantina  NASA/Clear Lake - 20099 Gulf Fwy

Taco Bell  Ellington -  10906 Scarsdale Blvd

Taco Bell  NASA/Clear Lake -  1033 1/2 Bay Area Blvd

Taco Cabana  NASA/Clear Lake - 705 W Bay Area Blvd

Taco Cabana Ellington -  11212 Fuqua St

Taco Cabana NASA/Clear Lake -  207 Marina Bay Dr

Closed?? (or could not find)

Calientes' Mexican  NASA/Clear Lake - 3905 Nasa Pkwy

La India Bonita  NASA/Clear Lake - 213 E Main St

La Pradera Mexican Grill NASA/Clear Lake - 1227 Bay Area Blvd

Las Tortas Mexican Style Ellington - 12800 Scarsdale Blvd

Taqueria Arandinos NASA/Clear Lake -  620 W Nasa Rd 1

Taqueria El Gavilan Ellington - 10739 Kingspoint Rd

Zealeto Lindo Mexican... NASA/Clear Lake - 1212 Nasa Pkwy


Cinco de Mayo Mexican Grill NASA/Clear Lake - 20784 Gulf Fwy
Durango's Mexican grill  NASA/Clear Lake - 939 W Nasa Rd 1

El Valle Mexican Cafe NASA/Clear Lake - 620 W Nasa Rd 1

La Salmantina Ellington -  9910 Fuqua St


At the movies - The Hobbit

The Hobbit: 4

It took us a long time to go see this movie.  We'd considered going to see it as a midnight showing on opening night, but thought better of it.  I wish I'd seene it sooner.  I really enjoyed it.

There were several items that were not in the book, or as I remember it from the book, but it was still enjoyable.  I don't remember the stone giantts or the necromancer.  Bilbo's escape from Gollum was slightly different from the book, as was his entrance into the Goblins' area.

I don't remember the orc pursuers, but it did heighten the drama a bit.

I'd be willing to see it again, but I don't think it'll last much longer at my local theatres.

Lunching out - La Brisa's on Clear Creek

I stopped by La Brisas on Clear Creek this past Friday.  I've passed it up the past because it looked too big.  It's not what I would call a dive.  I need to clear it off my list in my search for the new, go to spot.

Well, I was right.  It's huge.  You walk in past a fairly big dining room.  I was then taken further back, past about 3 or 4 good sized party rooms, through a small hallway and into a huge room.  It's easily as big, if not bigger that the building in which I work.  Past that room, was a patio about the same size.

So.  Dive?  No way.

I ordered Enchiladas Suizas (or whatever they call it).

I'm starting to work on a rating system for Mexican restaurants.  Each of the below categories is out of a possible 5

Atmosphere: 1
Green Salsa: 4
Red Salsa: 3
Chips: 5
Rice: 5
Beans (charro): 5
Enchiladas: 4

It scored really well.  If it weren't for the atmosphere, I'd try it again.

La Brisa On The Creek on Urbanspoon


Super Bowl Ads - XLVII

Here is the run down on who had ads during the Superbowl

28 ads - CBS
9 ads - NFL
5 ads - Budweiser
3 ads - Hyundai, Coke
2 ads - godaddy, Doritos, Toyota, Subway, Lincoln, Honda, Reliant Energy, HEB, KHOU, Kia
1 ad - M&Ms, Audi, Pepsi, best Buy, Oz, Oreo, Fast & Furious 6, Calvin Klein, Cars.com, Star Trek Into Darkness, Milk, VW, Taco Bell, Skechers, Gexa, Comcast, Jack in the Box, Iron Man 3, Century 21, Blackberry, e*trade, Axe, Mio, Gildan, Pistachios, Speed Stick, Beck's, NFL Network, Xfinity, Ram, Tide, Soda Stream, Mercedes, Samsung, Allstate, Napa, Ford

Most of the ads were blah.  the ones I though rose above the rest are:

Hyundai - Dog Slobber
Audi - Bravery
Oreo - Library
VW - Jamaica

Weekend update


Lunch at La Brisa's on Clear Creek


Blueberry muffins
Bank transactions
Dinner at El Centinela
"The Hobbit" in the theatre


Started dough for slider buns for the SuperBowl
Grocery store for more supplies
Roasted tomato salsa
More work on slide buns
Lamb, Bison, and Beef sliders prepped for the grill
More work on slider buns
Cinnamon Brownies with Ganache
Started fire for grilling
Super Bowl

Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 2/2/13

Aikido players: Tim, Trey, Troy,  Dan the Elder, Marvin, Gail, Hussein, Dan the Younger, and Rob.  Nice big crowd


I helped Rob, DtE, and DtY

The Walk:

Twice as usual. 


We skipped the releases with DtE and Marvin due to the amount of time we spent on them on Friday.


We worked on Oshi taoshi and Ude gaeshi at one-step distance today and things went pretty well.  spent a lot of time on the footwork for the pivot and kuzushi for Ude gaeshi.

Trey did some work on Kata Otoshi, Aikinage, and Ushiro Kube Gatame


A few of us did some heavy hauling for Tim.  We moved a treadmill from the dojo to his house, and a couch from his house to the dojo.

Aikido Friday Night - 2/1/13

Aikido players: Tim, Troy,  Dan the Elder, Marvin, and Rob.


Troy helped Rob, while I oversaw DtE

The Walk:

Twice as usual. 


DtE and Marvin spent most of the evening on releases.


Very briefly touched on Oshi taoshi at 3-step distance.  I'd really like to work with Marvin on his footwork for this distance, and for releases.  He tends to shuffle, as opposed to tsugi ashi (sp?).  since we have puzzle mats, it is, in part, to keep from stubbing toes.


Just a remnant of swelling on the knee.  New bruise on the inside top of it, though.  Probably from walking up flights of stairs on Thursday.


Aikido Thursday Night - 1/31/13

Aikido players: Sal



The Walk:

Not tonight.


Worked through all 8.  He had more issue on number 8 tonight than usual.


We worked through 1-5 of Ju Nana hon Kata.  Number 5 and number 4 were the trouble spots tonight.  We got tied up at the wrist on Ushiro-ate and had trouble on the left side for Gedan-ate.  I didn't want to spend too much time on Gedan-ate as my knees complained about the strin.


Knees sore and bruised, still.