Super Bowl Ads - XLVII

Here is the run down on who had ads during the Superbowl

28 ads - CBS
9 ads - NFL
5 ads - Budweiser
3 ads - Hyundai, Coke
2 ads - godaddy, Doritos, Toyota, Subway, Lincoln, Honda, Reliant Energy, HEB, KHOU, Kia
1 ad - M&Ms, Audi, Pepsi, best Buy, Oz, Oreo, Fast & Furious 6, Calvin Klein, Cars.com, Star Trek Into Darkness, Milk, VW, Taco Bell, Skechers, Gexa, Comcast, Jack in the Box, Iron Man 3, Century 21, Blackberry, e*trade, Axe, Mio, Gildan, Pistachios, Speed Stick, Beck's, NFL Network, Xfinity, Ram, Tide, Soda Stream, Mercedes, Samsung, Allstate, Napa, Ford

Most of the ads were blah.  the ones I though rose above the rest are:

Hyundai - Dog Slobber
Audi - Bravery
Oreo - Library
VW - Jamaica