Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 2/23/13

Aikido players: Tim, Marvin, Gail, and Hussein.


I managed to get all of my warm-up rolls in and then helped Gail some with hers.

The Walk:

Twice as usual. 


I worked with Gail on hers.  She's a bit of a puzzle as an uke for releases.


I worked with Gail on 3-step Shomen-ate.  It was the first time she'd tried 3-step for a technique, and she did pretty well.

Tim and I did some more work on double-bokken.

1. Maintain center-line with shomen strike
2. Get off-line to the right and perform shomen strike
3. Late reaction, block while sliding to the right, strike to the neck
4. Fake going up for a shomen strike, sword tip to neck

Not sure about the order of these

5. Late reaction, block while sliding to the left, strike to the neck
6. ????
7. Move off-line to the left, slash gut, end in hasso
8. Block and push combinations


None of note.