Bread Baking for the weekend

I baked four recipes over the weekend.  The first was the usual blueberry muffins, with a little extra orange rind. 

The second one was a batch of sourdough.  I started waking the starter on Friday morning.  I wanted to double the amount of starter I had on hand, so I could bake two loaves.  It got mixed up on Saturday, and then did a slow ferment in the fridge until about 2 p.m. Sunday.  The below picture is of the first loaf out of the oven.  The second loaf did not look quite as pretty.

I gave this loaf to one of our neighbors.

The third was another batch of Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls.  These are going to K.'s work, with a few going to the neighbor who got the sourdough.

The fourth was another attempt at Tartine Country Bread.  The previous attempt was too wet and it ruined a banneton.  This one was better, but the bread still oozed on the baking stone.  The bannetons did not get ruined, and the bread was good, but there is still room for improvement.  I'm not certain what to do, yet.

Here's the recipe I tried:

200g of leaven
700g of water
800g bread flour
200g wheat flour

Mix together and let rest for 40 minutes

50g water
20g salt

Mix, cover, and let bulk ferment for 3-4 hours, turning and folding every 30 minutes

Split into two halves, shape each into a ball.  Cover and let rest for 30 minutes.

Shape each half, and place in well-floured banneton.  Let rise for 4 hours.

Set oven at 500, with baking stone.  Place your steam-catching cover in the oven 5 minutes before putting the bread in.  Sprinkle the visible portion of the loaf with a large amount of rice flour, turn onto a bread peal.  Slit the loaf with a lame, spritz thoroughly with water.  Slide the loaf onto the baking stone and cover with the steam catcher.  Turn the oven down to 450.  After 20 minutes, remove the cover.  After 10 more minutes, rotate the loaf 180 degrees in the oven.