Boskone 50, aka a weekend update

I took a trip up to Boston for Boskone this past weekend, mainly to chat with folks about Art Show lighting.  I also help sit the table for LoneStarCon 3 to sell memberships, and was finally able to meet an online aikido friend in meat space.  Quite cool!


Up at 3:30 a.m. to catch a 6:05 a.m. flight out of Hobby.  K woke up and drove me to the airport because she wanted to be able to use both vehicles at some point during the weekend.  I got through TSA fairly quickly, boarded the plane, and took off.  On the first leg I was able to doze.  On the second leg I managed to get some reading of "Borne in Blood" by Chelsea Quinn Yarbor done.

Arrived in Boston, and bought a 7 day MBTA pass.  Hopped the Red Line to the Aquarium station and found myself right in front of my hotel.  The hotel had a great location for everything except the convention, but with judicious planning that became a non-factor.  I checked in, repacked the suitcase and backpack for convention going, and then headed off to the convention hotel.

I tried following the Google Maps directions, but they were so detailed they were useless.  So, I got a general sense of where they were sending me and explored.  I had some trouble once I got to World Trade Center Station trying to figure out the best way through/around, but I managed.  the distance from hotel to hotel was about 1.4 miles.

I got to the Westin and discovered that there was nothing to do for the con for another few hours.  I chatted a bit with Jim Mann and Ben Yalow until they went off to a meeting.  At that point, I curled up with the book again.

At around 5, I went down to the con and helped to set up the Art show.  My height, as usual, was called into service several times.  I stayed there until about 10, and then walked back to the Harborside Inn.


Up around 7, I walked about 0.8 miles to the Capitol Coffee House on Bowdoin.  It's a small local, Italian-family owned place.  Decent food, obviously a bunch of regulars were dining there.  From there, back to the Harborside and then off to the Westin.  I helped with more setup until a little before 4. 

At that point, I took off on MBTA to get up to Beverly to see Poxbox at his aikido dojo.  I took the Silver Line to south Station, caught the Red Line to Park Street Station, the Green Line to North Station, and the commuter rail to Beverly.  I partially attempted this when I was at Boskone 4 years ago, but I was under the weather and was cognitively impaired.  I failed back then.  I succeeded this time.

I got to the dojo, met Eric and watched the class.  Afterwards, we drove to Salem and ate at the Salem Beer Works.  Decent food and good beer.

Eric then drove me back into town and dropped me off at the hotel.


Up at 6 a.m. to make it to Kane's donuts in Saugus, Ma. at a decent time.  I'd seen Kane's on a Food Channel program that rated it as one of the 10 best donut shops in the U.S., so I had to give it a try.  through conversations on Friday, it was recommended that I get some extra to hand out at the LSC3 table, so I planned on getting 2 dozen.

So, the trip was on the Blue Line to Wonderland Station and then the 426 bus to Kane's.  It took about 45 minutes.  Kane's is a small little place, about the size of the typical Shipley's in Houston.  5 tables and a small counter facing outside, for folks to sit and eat at.  After I grabbed my 2 dozen, and a t-shirt, I went and waited for the bus.

It was snowing, and my phone said the bus would be a while, so I went back inside and ate a couple of donuts.  They were pretty good.  They did offer quite a variety!

Outside again, in the snow, I caught the bus in to Wonderland station.  I think my connections were as follows: Wonderland to Airport Station on the Blue Line, Airport Shuttle to terminal A, Silver Line to World Trade Center.  And then walk to the Westin.

So, I sat at the table and wandered the Art Show and Dealer's Room.  At around 5 I chatted with Chip Hancock about lighting and then got my "Faces of Science Fiction" signed by Jerry Pournelle.

Sasha, one of a few dogs wandering the con

I then walked to "No Name Restaurant" where I had broiled swordfish and blueberry pie.  the blueberry pie was forgettable, but the Swordfish was okay.

Then on back to the Harborside.


Up around 7 or so and off to breakfast at the Paramount.  The trip there required a couple of connections on the subway and a 6 block walk in driving snow and pretty cold temps.  I was wondering whether they would be open, given the conditions.  When I got there at their opening time and saw several folks already inside, I realized that this is typical weather for Boston, they would not close for this.

I had French Toast, bacon and orange juice.  Good stuff.

Reversed my travel, bundled up nice and warm for the walk to the Westin and headed back to the con.

More sitting at the table, more chatting about lighting, and I got my "Faces of Fantasy" signed by Greer Gilman.  Then, tear down of the Art Show.

Then off to dinner at Amrhein's with a bunch of the Art Show folks, back the the Westin and then the cold walk back to the Harborside.


Up around 7, off to a nearby Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.  Not that great.

On to the T to get to the airport.  Got through TSA and onto the plane.  Managed to get the seat with double legroom.  Reading CQY's "Commedia della Morte".  I finished that book on the second leg and started John Scalzi's "Fuzzy Nation"

We were delayed in the air by storms at Hobby, so we got in a bit late.  K was there, waiting to take me home

An adventurous and productive weekend.