Lunching out: Papa Gayo's

I stopped by Papa Gayo's this past Friday.  It was hidden away in a strip center.  the name sounded like a chain to me, but the interior indicated to me that it's locally run.  Traditional colors and a little shop-worn

It was a nice place.  A crowd of regulars, I'd bet, made up the patrons.

Dive?  Close enough

I ordered their mixed fajitas, as I saw no Enchiladas Suizas on the lunch menu

I'm starting to work on a rating system for Mexican restaurants.  Each of the below categories is out of a possible 5

Atmosphere:4 (too much music)
Green Salsa: 4
Red Salsa: 2 (canned tomato taste)
Chips: 4
Rice: 5
Beans (charro): 5
Fajitas: 4

It scored really well.  This is the running a our regular place.  I need to try it again and see if my digestive troubles were caused by this meal.  We also need to try it and see how their margaritas are.

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