At the movies: The Soloist

The Soloist: 3

A good movie chronicling a newspaper columnist's attempt to aid and befriend a mentally-disturbed cellist. Jamie Foxx did a good job as the cellist. Robert Downey, Jr. did an ok job as the columnist.

Parts of the film tried to allow the audience to experience, I think, synesthesia. It was a decent attempt.

At one point during the movie I thought we were watching a John Woo flick. We were following the flight of two pigeons across the city of L.A. Now, JW uses doves, so it wasn't quite the same.

I got a good chuckle out of the scene in the bar after RDJ was beaten up by JF and a Neil Diamond song was on the juke box.

I'm not certain what point was being made by the coyote urine sub-plot.