From Twitter 06-28-2010

05:40:02: My item of the week: Cabrara pen in Sunset Oange Spalted Maple. Sweet for University of Texas folks! http://ow.ly/21XtL
07:40:07: Finally managed to create a disc image for a DVD after 10 days of trying. Now to burn the DVD and see how it looks. After work.
08:25:07: Featured shop: Designing Rose: Watercolors, necklaces, rings, anklets, and supplies. Check this out: http://ow.ly/23NSj
08:35:04: Artfire: Spotlight shop: Haunted willow. A nice spooky birdhouse: http://ow.ly/23NZR
13:58:55: @ConneryBeagle Absolutely BAWHsome!
17:33:11: RT @OnFire4Handmade: Share the Love - Featured Artisan! http://bit.ly/dixI3M
17:33:21: RT @armadillocon32: RT @mariannemancusi: Anyone who uses an Alphasmart, can you read screen outside on a sunny day? Would they be good t ...
17:39:21: Short blog post on Designing Rose, featured shop in my artfire guild. http://ow.ly/24qNI #arftire
19:25:02: Massively cool site for tracking hurricanes. http://www.stormpulse.com/
19:53:00: After 8 years of keeping a saltwater aquarium, the experience is over. The last fish has found a new home.

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