From Twitter 06-10-2010

07:52:13: @designingrose Hurricane Bike is the local bike shop I'm buying from. I'm buying a Jamis Coda Sport.
07:53:33: It's really annoying when you attempt to turn 6 pens and only one of them does not blow out while on the lathe.
07:54:53: Silly cats. One of them knocked my alarm clock off the night stand, resetting the time. Woke up only 20 minutes late, thankfully.
15:50:15: onpensandsneedles is the featured shop of the guild on artfire this week. Neat fabric and woodwork! My pick: http://ow.ly/1VnBb
17:42:13: Heading back into the shop. Maybe I won't waste as much wood tonight.
19:50:06: Tonight was better: 3 blanks, two finished pens. Now, time for basketball!

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