From Twitter 06-27-2010

05:15:02: This week's featured shop is Crafty Baby Hope on Artfire It's a tart heart! http://ow.ly/21X20
05:40:03: My item of the week: Cabrara pen in Sunset Oange Spalted Maple. Sweet for University of Texas folks! http://ow.ly/21Xtr
07:34:33: @pearlatplay I have no idea. This was about 20 years ago. I don't think I stuck around for the credits.
07:36:31: Doesn't look like I'll make it to ApolloCon this weekend. Errands to run for friends have intervened.
07:37:12: No eggs. No blueberry muffins, therefore.
08:18:02: Aikido yesterday was just me teaching two white belts. I probably learned more than they did #aikido
08:35:02: Artfire: Spotlight shop: Haunted willow. A nice spooky birdhouse: http://ow.ly/23NZ8
21:14:44: Back from a bike ride. Making pralines. Sugary goodness.

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