From Twitter 06-17-2010

06:30:05: This week's featured shop: Jewelry by Sherry. Fabulous pieces of handmade wearable art: http://ow.ly/1Ytkv
08:20:57: A sale in my artfire shop last night. Yahoo! http://ow.ly/1ZJx6
08:41:15: This wrist brace makes typing, and using the mouse, awkward. Still, it's keeping me from mucking up the joint any further.
18:19:00: Two more artists for Armadiilcon's art show: David Lee Anderson and Doris Fulton!
18:22:49: @armadillocon32 Two more artists for Armadillocon's art show: David Lee Anderson and Doris Fulton (a new artists for us)!

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