Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 06/26/10

Aikidokas:  Dan and Brent.  No Tim, so I was in charge for the afternoon.
Ukemi: I spent a bunch of time with Brent on his rolls.  I was not able to help as much as I would like with the brace on my right hand.

The Walk: Twice, and then a bunch more.  We made it up to the seventh stone working on the hand motions and proper posture, trying to get Brent up to speed.

Releases: Introduced Brent to the first release


We  worked on Shomen-ate.  Dan and Brent both did some work on this.  I also brought out the strike the dummy drill to get them to both use their center when finishing the technique.  I think we need to start with this before actually introducing them to shomen-ate.

Aftermath: None of note.  The wrist in a brace is a bit of an annoyance.