From Twitter 06-29-2010

08:00:40: Gorgeous cabochon. I may pick it up to use in one of my bottle stoppers: http://ow.ly/24Fcb
08:01:59: RT @Less10ShopsonAF: Beautiful ring: http://ow.ly/247k9 by @designingrose #artfire
08:25:07: Featured shop: Designing Rose: Watercolors, necklaces, rings, anklets, and supplies. Check this out: http://ow.ly/23NTq
08:35:04: Artfire: Spotlight shop: Haunted willow. A nice spooky birdhouse: http://ow.ly/23O02
11:57:34: @emoontx We got 0.2 inches yesterday. Alex is supposed to bring us more tomorrow and Thursday. I hope he brings you some.
12:54:23: @renegade500 When my wife sees it, she'll probably cry. Even though I don't watch too much football. I use it as a soporific.
15:48:48: @renegade500 that's how I remember summers from high school: mid afternoon showers
15:50:37: @AFPounce http://madmoravian.artfire.com
17:53:35: Doc gave me the go ahead to slowly wean myself out of the wrist brace. w00t!

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