Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 05/29/10

Aikidokas: Tim, Mike, Carla, Craig, Jeff, Gail, Larry, Trey, Brad, Sal, and Troy.

Ukemi: Partial warm-up. 

The Walk: None.

Releases: None.


This was a special class.  It was a mini-seminar on the weapons portions of Koryu Dai San no Kata.  Jeff and Gail need to know it for their next demonstration and I think I need to know some of it for mine.  We did not have enough time to get through all of it, but we did get through a good portion.

We got through the Tanto and the defensive Bokken.  Mike then demonstrated the defensive Jo.

Trey and I worked together all of the afternoon.  We got a decent amount of the mat and had some decent explorations.  Trey's trying to give me as much time as tori as possible.

I also got some great instruction on the role of uke from Craig.  If I remember correctly, Craig was uke for Karl for a long time and was uke on some videos that Karl did.  In essence, Craig told me to be restrained, lose the theatrics.  Simple in words, but it'll take some thinking on my part to implement.

I did get a video of what was demonstrated and will work on getting it off the camera soon.

Aftermath: None of note.