From Twitter 06-12-2010

07:55:02: onpensandsneedles is the featured shop of the guild on artfire this week. Neat fabric and woodwork! My pick: http://ow.ly/1VnCx
08:19:17: I think the world's problems could be solved if everyone started the day with blueberry pancakes.
08:20:27: Something's wrong in the house when I'm the last person to wake up. My 82yo fil was enroute to job before I woke up.
17:14:41: @kaysea14 Yes, indeed. The Census is a harsh taskmaster. If he wanted to go to a play tonight, he had to go into work early.
17:15:16: @kaysea14 Probably blueberry muffins tomorrow morning.
17:17:35: Two attempts, two pens. And they are just stunning! No pictures on artfire yet. Tomorrow. Too much to do tonight.

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