Lunching out : Moreno's Bar-b-cue

A week ago I went out to lunch at a recent addition in the NASA area: Moreno-s Bar-b-cu.  It's located in what used to be a Denny's and was a Sambo's originally, many years ago.  By the name of the place, I was expecting a bar-b-cue joint.  When I walked in the door, I discovered that it was mainly a Mexican restaurant.

After being seated, they delivered chips and salsa to the table.  Normal, if you're at a Mexican restaurant.  As I was still in the "barbecue joint" state of mind it was weird.  The chips and salsa were ok: nothing horrible, nothing outstanding.

I ordered a 1 meat plate of their brisket with green and baked beans as my two sides.  The brisket had a nice smoke ring and a nice flavor.  It was pretty lean and tender.  They only gave me 4 slices of beef and, given the plate on which it was delivered it seemed even less than that.  It was enough, with the sides to be a good meal.  I don't remember much about the sauce, but the sides were pretty good.

Below is the picture of my meal:

While I won't choose this over Joe's in Alvin, if I need a brisket fix near NASA, this will be at the top of the list.