From Twitter 05-05-2011

09:43:34: VikingJonesJewelry - Chainmaille bracelets and necklaces (dragonscale, persian, half-persian) http://bit.ly/jZZT5X #handmade #artfire
10:36:08: ImpressionsExpress - A variety of images available for light switches, outlets - http://bit.ly/kAuwp1 #artfire #handmade
17:03:18: HeartsCreation - a variety of stones used to create a wide variety of necklaces - http://bit.ly/jDiYqV - #handmade #artfire
17:09:31: Peri Charlifu 's art http://on.fb.me/jxxhZY will be at Armadillocon http://bit.ly/g8bt9G again this year. #armadillocon
17:24:20: ViaDellaRosa - Artfire Crazy Train - Handmade jewelry, rosaries and catholic jewelry,glass - http://bit.ly/ktQEAq #handmade #artfire
18:06:18: Padauk Bottle Stopper - item of the week in my shop. Contact me for 10% off - http://bit.ly/5TYpoV #handmade #artfire

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