Aikido Friday Night - 05/06/11

Aikido players:  Tim, Dan, and Marvin.


Set of 12 falls.I still need to find some time to re-work my left-side big falls.  I also tweaked my left hip while coming up from a right-sided fall.  Man, I'm just falling to pieces, aren't I?

We also spent some time working on Marvin's falls.

The Walk:

Twice, as usual  Tim worked with Marvin for quite a bit


I worked with Dan.  I taped up my toes, just to be safe.  We spent a fair amount of time on them.


I worked Dan through 1-3 of Ju Nana Hon Kata.  He did pretty well.  I then uke'd for Marvin on Shomenate.  We actually did a brief stint of strike-the-dummy and moved on to Shomenate.  He did pretty well for not having worked on it much.  He's a little tense, but he's doing well, all things considered.


None of note.