Lunching out: Eduardo's Mexican

This week I went out to a new Mexican joint and I kind of felt guilty about it.  The new place is in the same strip center as Durango's and I feel bad not eating there when I'm close by.  This new spot opened up in what was briefly a Pakistani or Middle Eastern restaurant for a short while.  It's a pleasant enough place.

After being seated, they delivered chips and salsa to the table.  The chips were good, the red salsa was decent, and the green salsa was one of the thickest I've encountered.  Almost chunky.  There was no real heat in either one.

I ordered the Eduardo's Special: cheese enchilada, chicken flauta, tostada, beef taco, rice and beans.  Enchilada: meh.  Flauta: damn good.  Taco, meh.  I did not like the flavor of the beef.  Tostada: ok.  Guacamole: ok.  Rice: ok.  Beans: ok.  The service was reasonably attentive, and they were doing decent business for a Friday lunch.

Their house margaritas are $7.  I'm not going to be coming here for my Saturday night Mexican food outings, it would be too expensive compared to Durango's $2 margaritas.

Below is the picture of my meal:

If I NEED flautas, I'll be here.  Otherwise, Durango's is too close.  I'll be going there instead.