Focaccia take 1

I spent some time over the weekend baking focaccia for the first time and, if the in-laws opinions are any indication, it was fabulous.  Truly, it did turn out well.  It was good enough that that was all we ate for dinner on Sunday and Monday.

I used the recipe from Peter Reinhardt's "Bread Baker's Apprentice" with a spur of the moment recipe for the herb oil.  I know the oil had, slat, pepper, sage, thyme, oregano and garlic in it.  All else was forgotten shortly after being added to the mix.

I was up until about midnight Saturday night doing the folding , kneading, shaping.  While the bread was rising, I was watching "Swamp People".  A show in English that needs subtitles.

Here are a couple of pictures of the end result: