Lunching out: King's Biergarten

This week, K. joined me for lunch in Pearland, right next door to the Pie Garden at King's Biergarten.  It's a new joint with mostly German food and beers.  We did not try any beers, as it was lunch on a work day, but we did try the food.  We could not get iced tea, as they don't have a brewer for it yet.

K. ordered the sausage appetizer with Polish, Grilled Bratwurst and Nuernberger bratwurst.  I ordered the King's Specialty Sausage with Polish and Bratwurst.   The sausages were quite good, with the Nuernberger bratwurst being my favorite.  The sides: I did not try the cabbage, the sauerkraut was awfully mild, and the Austrian Potato salad was quite good.

The apple strudel was ok.  There was an interesting overtone to it that I could not place.

This is definitely a spot we expect to try again.

Below are pictures of the meal: