Aikido Thursday Night - 04/29/11

Aikido players:  Tim, and Troy.


I ran through the 5 defensive jo techniques.  I spent a good amount of time on what we call hi-otoshi (Irimi Mae Otoshi).  At the beginning, I was sending uke off at a 45 degree angle.  We changed that quickly to have me send him straight down his line of attack.  I was also entering at around uke's elbow, and that felt rough to all parties concerned.  We changed that to have me get as close to the armpit as possible and that improved things.  I also worked on my timing with uke's body rise and body fall.  At my height, unless I'm careful, I'm going to muck around with uke's posture.  I want to do as little to upset the apple cart as is possible, so I need to come in low.

Troy then ran through 6 and 13 of Ju Nana Han Kata with Trey as uke.  He did really well. 

None of note, but still keeping the toe, from last weekend, taped.