Lunching out - Lila's Mexican

I had to take some vacation time on Friday or lose it, so I got home early and was able to wait for K. to join me lunch.  I wanted to go to a Pearland Mexican restaurant that she had expressed misgivings about ever eating at.  She, reluctantly agreed to join me.

We went to Lila's on Hwy 35.  It's outlandish colors and questionable location do not lead to high expectations, but urbanspoon gave it high marks.  And they did not disappoint.  The chips and salsa were pretty good.  I didn't think the salsa was as good as the reviews on urbanspoon led me to anticipate.   I still prefer Durango's salsa by a wide margin.

K. had beef tacos and I had Enchiladas Verdes (some places call them Enchiladas Suiza).  K.'s tacos were not the usual u-shaped shells, but rather totrillas flower cups.  She enjoyed them.

My suizas were pretty good, maybe lacking a little in the tang department.  The rice and beans were fabulous.  Although the last bite of the beans seemed a little off.  Maybe they're best quite hot?

They don't serve beer or margaritas, so the odds of this becoming our favorite Mexican joint are slim, but the food was quite good.  I'd go back in a heartbeat.