Lunching out: Shuttle Burgers and More

I drove up to Shuttle Burger this past Friday.  It is hidden away in a strip center, away from the freeway.  It still only took about 10-15 minutes to get there.  It's received a high percentage of thumbs up on b4-u-eat and was listed as one of the 10 best places to eat near Hobby Airport by the Houston Press.

It was a nice place, with a little bit of a space program decor..  A crowd of regulars, I'd bet, made up the patrons.

Dive?   Not too bad.  Almeda mall and then a little bit west. (8405 Almeda Genoa Rd Ste A)

I ordered a double meat burger with fries, and a tea.  Total was a bit less than $8, iirc.

The fries were a bit limp, but tasty.  The patty was decent, not much spice too it, but a nice amount of ooze.  Tea was freshly made. 

This place is probably better than Burger House.  It's cheaper than Fudd's, but on a flavor/dollar ratio, it's right a bit better.  I'd have to try9'er's Grill again to compare.

They also do a breakfast, looking at their menu.

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