Aikido Thursday Night - 2/28/13

Aikido players: Troy


A couple of warm-up falls

The Walk:

Not on Thursdays, normally.


Not on Thursdays, normally.


We worked through 5-17 of Ju Nana Hon Kata.  It was an evening that went really, really well.

5. Ushiro-ate - no real issues, nice and smooth
6. Oshi-taoshi - no real issues
7. Ude-gaeshi - a couple of corrections to not step through completely, pivot instead
8. Hiki-taoshi - final off-balance is at an angle to uke
9. Ude-hineri - nice and smooth
10. Waki-gatame - bring the elbow through as uke is on his way down, not up
11. Kote-hineri - nice and smooth
12. Kote-gaeshi - no compression and maintain a pushing and level off-balance
13. Tenkai-kote-hineri - on the second off-balance, don't step back
14. Shiho-nage - spinal lock for the final off-balance, and take a normal sized step
15. Mae-otoshi - nice and smooth
16. Sumi-otoshi - we need to work through this some more
17. Hiki-otoshi - small circle to get the initial off-balance


None of note.  I was wearing volleyball knee pads and they allowed me to take all of the front flat falls