Dining out - J. Cody's - Bryan, Tx.

Friday night  I was in College Station for AggieCon.  I'm looking for good BBQ and Mexican food places in towns I go to often, so I chose a BBQ joint for dinner.  I wished I'd gone to one K. and I had visited in the past.

J. Cody's was a disappointment.

I had the regular combo with Sausage and Brisket and a dessert of peach cobbler.  I waited for the plate to be delivered to me, and then went up to the sides bar.  I picked up the corn bread, beans, cole slaw and potato salad.  The sausage and the corn bread were the best things of the meal.

The brisket was dry and flavorless.  The potato salad was not very interesting, the beans were ok, and the cole slaw was pretty standard..  The corn bread was nice and light, not the style we make at home, but pretty good.  The sausage had a nice flavor, but was a bit overground for my likings.  The peach cobbler seemed like a standard Sysco offering.

I'll be going to Martin's instead from now on.

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