Lunching out - Casarez

Took the time to drive up to Hobby again to try Casarez. Houston Press reported it as being one of the 10 best places to eat around the airport, so I figured I'd give it another chance.  Short and to the point: good, but still not worth the 15 minute drive from work.  And definitely not worth the 40 minutes it took to get back to work due to Spring Break beach traffic.

The place was decently filled with locals grabbing lunch. I ordered Nachos Cadillac with beef fajita meat.

I seem to remember the green sauce for the chips being awfully spicy last time, it had a nice amount of heat this time.

Atmosphere: 5
Green Salsa: 3
Red Salsa: unrated
Chips: 5
Rice: unrated
Beans (refried): hidden by everything else
Enchiladas: unrated
Margaritas: no bar

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