Dining out - nobi Public House and Franca's Italian Restaurant

Saturday night, K. and I went out to eat.  She'd not eaten much during the day and had worked hard, so she needed beer and sustenance.  We chose nobi Public House for the beer and sustenance due to recent notice in the Houston Press food blog and rumors from friends.

It's a nice little craft beer bar with some good food.  We got there around 5:30 and there were plenty of seats.  When we left, another group swept in and took our place.

It looks like they've got about 30 or 40 taps for draft beer and a vast selection of bottled beer.

I chose a Schneider Weisse Original for K. and a Guanabara Imperial Stout for myself, with a St. Arnold's Draft Root Beer on the side.  All 3 were quite good.

For dinner, K. had the Charbroiled Pork over Vermicelli.  I had the Chargrilled chicken over stir-fried noodles.  The pork and the chicken had nice, different flavors and were scarfed down quite quickly.

We weren't quite full so we tossed around a couple of ideas for dessert.  K. threw out the idea of Franca's for Tiramisu and it was settled.  We went there, got one Tiramisu to split and a glass of port for each of us.  We were in the bar, as we didn't feel I was appropriately dressed for the main dining room since I was in a tank top and shorts (we would have been welcomed there, but did not feel like spoiling other diners' dinners).

We got to say hi to Franca and catch up with her latest news and have a fabulous dessert.  We need to get back there for a full meal.  In fact, we've decided that our 25th anniversary meal will be there.  We've even invited one of our friends to the meal already.

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