Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 3/2/13

Aikido players: Tim, Troy,  and Dan the Elder.


I did a full set of warm-ups, then watched over Dan.  As a warm-up, we do some pre-ukemi slaps.  One of which is a squatting roll to a back fall.  My knees are getting much more comfortable at doing these again, finally.  I've not tried knee-walking yet, even though I am currently wearing knee pads as a precaution.

The Walk:

Not today.


Troy and I worked with Dan. Troy was right-sided uke and I was left-sided.  Made Dan think.


We got through the first four of Ju Nana Hon Kata with Dan, using the 3-step approach.  One of the first times he's done 3-step, and he did pretty well.

Then Troy did some work on O Waza Ju Pon.  Did some work on the first two techniques: Kube Garuma and Kata Otoshi.  We worked on the first one as a throw without Troy holding on to me, just generating a roll-out.  He got a number of good throws out of it.  Then we worked on Kata Otoshi, which we generally consider to be the cornerstone technique of the first 5 of O Waza Ju Pon.  If you can nail Kata Otoshi, the three Garumas in the kata are simple modifications.

Troy managed to get a number of throws with Kata Otoshi.  A great result from the first day working on it.


None of note