Dining out - Los Molcajetes - Bryan, Tx.

Saturday night  I was in College Station for AggieCon.  I'm looking for good BBQ and Mexican food places in towns I go to often, so I chose a Mexican joint for dinner.  I wish this place was in my hometown.  We'd be going there often.

Loc Molcajetes impressed me.

I had the enchiladas verdes, my usual choice when trying a new joint.  The sauce was nice and tangy and the chicken was tasty.  The charro beans had a nice flavor, the broth was a bit cloudier than I like, but that's a very minor issue.  The rice was nicely done, as well.  The chips were mostly scraps and not very warm, but the salsa seemed to be fresh, with a nice amount of heat.

For dessert, I had the Tres Leches and I actually enjoyed it.

Here's the score card

Atmosphere: 5
Green Salsa: unrated
Red Salsa: 5
Chips: 3
Rice: 5
Beans (charro): 5
Enchiladas: 5
Margaritas: As I was alone, I did not try a margarita

I expect I'll be back to Los Molcajetes, although there is one at least one more joint I'd like to try.

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