Weekend update


Up at the normal time to head off to College Station for Aggiecon.
Stopped a couple of times along the way to try for pictures of the wildflowers.  I think I got one or two that are half-decent.
I'd hoped to get breakfast in Waller or Wellborn, but neither of the places were open when I drove by.  The Wellborn place didn't open up until 11 am.
Dinner was at Los Nortenos with Bill P.


Breakfast at Kettle
Dinner at DoubleDave's


Up early to head home as no panels interested me
Brunch at Birra Poretti's
NCAA basketball
Folded flyers for Armadillocon Art Show
Put some polyurethane on the Art Show box
Did some preliminary filtering of the wildflower pictures I took over the weekend.

More info on Aggiecon will follow, hopefully tonight.