Aikido Friday Night - 3/11/11

Aikido players:  Tim, Trey, Troy, Sal, Dan, Marvin, and Gayle.  We also had a couple of potential students look in on their class.  They seemed to be a bit financially strapped, so I don't know if they can afford the very reasonable fees we charge.

Ukemi:  Normal set of 12 falls

The Walk: Twice, as usual.  I then spent a bunch of time working with Marvin and Gayle on the final stones of the Walk.  We then ran through the whole thing a couple of times.

Releases: I worked with Marvin and Gayle on the footwork and timing of the first release.  I had them do the footwork as I walked toward them.  I then had them do it with me attached to them as in the normal release.  As usual, tori not keeping their hand in their center was an issue that popped up.


We did some strike the dummy drill.  I uke'd for a bit with Marvin, Gayle and Dan as tori.  We then had Sal uke a bit for the same set of three.


None of note.