From Twitter 03-25-2011

09:13:33: SonoraKaysCreations - custom jewelry design using hair from your favorite horse #artfire #handmade http://bit.ly/37AVX
10:08:20: Artfire - Crazy Train - My Father's Gifts - Pearls, beads, findings and bags #artfire #supplies http://bit.ly/cw3Tq2
11:53:23: At Aggiecon for the weekend. Art show is a bit of a disappointment. Drive up was nice, with a couple of stops for pictures.
11:56:58: Picked up a number of books from Zane at Edge books (the only full book dealer) and got his con off to a decent start.
18:02:18: MadMoravian - Men of Artfire - Pens, pencils, bottle stoppers. Chainmaille jewelry. Stained glass #artfire #handmade http://bit.ly/37AVX
20:52:41: Pegaleg - On Fire for Handmade - Fused glass, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, supplies #handmade #artfire http://bit.ly/37AVX

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