Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 03/12/11

Aikido players:  Tim, Trey, and Brad

Ukemi:  12 fall normal warmup

The Walk: Not today.

Releases: Today was an interesting day.  Tim had Brad uke for the releases.  Trey and I were instructed to stop him from doing the normal releases at some point during the exercise.  Brad was then suppose to come up with some way out of the release and, if it came up, work into a technique.

So, we played with releases all day.  Trey and I expanded some of the responses that Brad came up with and attempted to turn them into a variety of techniques.  For the two of us, it was an opportunity to take a break for the normal routine and "play".


Only as a by-product of release counters.  We did no structured work on techniques today


None of note.