From Twitter 03-05-2011

10:20:26: Artfire - Crazy Train - DS Photography - Fantastic photos and unique deer antler jewelry #artfire #handmade http://bit.ly/cw3Tq2
11:50:45: Artfire - Texas Guild - JMcCoy - He does some fabulous work with wood, transforming it beautifully #artfire #handmade http://bit.ly/cw3Tq2
12:58:10: Artfire - Artisans in Wood - Clocks and Things - Amazingly detailed scrollwork for boxes and clocks #artfire #handmade http://bit.ly/cw3Tq2
15:06:35: Artfire - On Fire for Handmage - Studio Knits - custom, hand knit hats, cowls, and more #artfire #handmade http://bit.ly/cw3Tq2
17:05:54: My item of the week on Artfire - A Carbara pen in Sunset Spalted Maple - contact me for 10% off #artfire #handmade http://bit.ly/cw3Tq2
19:11:33: Artfire - Men of Artfire - Paper Piecing Designs - scrapbook pages, premade piecing embellishments #artfire #handmade http://bit.ly/cw3Tq2

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