From Twitter 03-14-2011

08:18:08: FromTheHipDesigns - Creative note cards and jewelry personalized for you #artfire #handmade http://bit.ly/37AVX
10:52:31: Designed By Audrey - On Fire for Handmade - bookmarks, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces #artfire #handmade http://bit.ly/37AVX
13:57:13: MadMoravian - Wonders in Wood - Turned keychains, pens, bottle stoppers and chainmaille jewelry #artfire #handmade http://bit.ly/37AVX
14:54:58: Artfire - Crazy Train - RM Designs - Vintage, pearl, and crystal jewelry #artfire #handmade http://bit.ly/cw3Tq2
17:03:18: My item of the week - Sierra Elegant pen in Red/Black Box Elder burl - contact me for 10% off #artfire #handmade http://bit.ly/37AVX
20:33:48: EpicArtGlass - Men of Artfire - Handmade etched glass art, sea glass, glass jewelry, woodwork #artfire #handmade http://bit.ly/37AVX

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