Lunching out - Molino Blanco

I'd seen a report, this past Friday, that Tookies had reopened and planned on going to lunch there. At the last minute, a co-worker told me that Tookies had not opened, so I was left without a planned destination. I reverted to Molino Blanco, my restaurant of choice if I don't want to travel to Durango's.

The sign on the building said they were under new management, and boy were they. I got the feeling that they had opened up just that morning. They had a limited number of menus (4?) and were in desperate need of $1 bills.

Besides that trouble with the operation, the food had gone downhill. The green sauce was not nearly as good, the fajitas were pretty bad, and the enchilada was even worse. Unfortunately, it was bad enough that I won't be going back. I'll take the extra time to go to Durango's

Here is a picture of the meal: