Lunching out - Lupe Tortilla's

A couple of weeks ago I finally made it out to Lupe Tortilla's on Bay Area.  It's been there a while, but it just did not hold much appeal for me.  Too chain-y.

And, after dining there, it is too chain-y.  I did not properly record my opinions at the time, but it just was not very memorable.

I think the salsa verde was below par, the red salsa was decent.  Fresh, if I recall correctly.

The green sauce for the enchiladas was not sharp enough for my tastes.  They did get the order right and left off the sour cream.  The Tes Leches cake was ho-hum, but that may just be my relationship with Tres Leches.  I don't think I've ever encountered a version that I was ecstatic about.

I don't plan on returning, but I'm not averse to if someone else wants to go.

Below are the pictures of my meal: