Artfire - Item of the week - Baron Fountain Pen in Brown Coconut

Due to an issue I had reading a calendar (at my age I still can't tell what day of the week a Monday is), I'm going to have multiple items on discount for a couple of days.

My item of the week this week, until August, is the Baron style Fountain Pen turned out of Coconut with Bright Copper hardware.  I actually turned two of them this past week, and uploaded them to my shop, so both of them are on discount.  If you buy one, I'll discount the price 10%.  If you buy them both, I'll discount the total 25%.

Here's the description of the pen from my artfire shop:

This is a Baron style fountain pen turned out of a blank created form the shell of a coconut and cast in a resin. The hardware is a nice, bright copper finish. It has a nice heft to it and is probably a good size for a man's hand. The cap for this pen screws onto the cap to close the pen, or to the end of the barrel to keep it close while writing.

A bit about of the process of creating these pens: I start with a hand-selected blank created out of coconut and a resin and the bits that make up the mechanism of the pen. I then spend some time working the blank to be the proper diameter to match the mechanism. Sand paper is applied, through a number of grits, to get a nice, smooth surface. Several coats of finish are applied and buffed. The wood and mechanism are then combined to create a fabulous writing instrument.

Here are a couple of pictures of the pen(s):