Artfire - Featured Shop - Wood Expressions

Reginald Stanley is the proprietor of Wood Expressions on artfire.com.  He produces some really neat natural edge, clean edge, and burnt edge bowls.  He does plates, platters, vases and boxes as well.  The woods he uses the most in his shop are chestnut, elm, and hackberry.

His wife takes care of the web site, shipping and paper work and he gets the fun part of making a whole lot of sawdust.  He uses turning as a creative outlet for me after working all week in Bridge Construction.

He, and I, find that the end result of a turning is a constant surprise.  The wood changes from one revolution on the lathe to the next.

Most of the woods Reginald turns are from local trees that died, damaged by a storm or firewood piles. After going to a number of woodturning shows, he's been inspired to start putting decorative texturing and dye on some of my piece for a more fascinating effect.

The finishes on the pieces vary from one to the next, but most bowls and plates are food safe oiled, waxed and buffed so they can be used for food. Vases, boxes and decorative things may have many coats of Lacquer to get a high sheen.

Give his items a look.  they're well worth it: