Life with dogs

We've had a couple of sympathy inducing incidents with the boys over the past couple of days.


Tuesday night, Ella (our newest kitten) was lying on the floor of the family room, situated such that she was within threatening distance of any trying to leave the room to go elsewhere.  Tank wanted to leave the room to go to the front of the house to wait for K. to come home from work.  I spotted him, after a little bit, near Ella but out of reach.  He didn't move, and he looked at me when I got up, so I went over and stood next to Ella so that she would have to go through me to swipe at Tank when he walked by.  Tank quickly walked by me, out of the room, and into the front of the house.


Yesterday, I got home from work and discovered Tank trapped in the closet of our bedroom.  I, at first, thought that K. had accidentally left him in there.  We discussed it later in the day and realized that we'd lost power in the house sometime during the day.  Losing power sets off the beeper on the UPS on my computer.

Tank hates/is frightened by beepers.

We think the power went off, he scurried into the closet in order to get away from the horrible beeping noise, barely squeezing through the gap in the door (it's a pocket door so it doesn't swing open when pushed).  Then, after the beeping had stopped, he was not panicked enough to attempt to squeeze his way out again.


Jack is frightened by remote controls.  When we're sitting down watching TV, he makes certain that there are no remotes nearby when he comes and sits next to you.  He'll get up and walk to you, but he won't curl up until you've moved the remote.

Last night, he was sitting on the couch with the remote a reasonable distance away.  Somehow the cover we have on the couch moved and disturbed the position of the remote.  It slowly slid down the arm of the couch, getting far too close for Jack's comfort.  He promptly stood up, did a 360 spin and did a giant leap to the back of the couch.  He stood there, staring at the remote until we came and rescued him.


Audrey said...

LOL! What a riot it must be with those animals. Sounds like great fun.