Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 07/10/10

Aikidokas: Tim, Trey, Brad, and Troy.  We also had a visitor watching for a bit of the session.

Ukemi: I got to do a full warm-up, as none of the folks needing constant supervision were on the mat this afternoon.

The Walk: Twice. 

Releases: Worked with Brad


I worked with Brad on: Oshi-taoshi,  Ude-gaeshi, and Hiki-taoshi.  He did really well on #6 and #7.  We spent some time working on the footwork on #7 to be able to keep up with me as I'm falling.  We want to make certain that tori keeps up with the falling uke and maintains his balance in the process. A failure on either of those two aspects could mean an issue with uke's arm.

We worked on the entry for #8.  It's the first outside butterfly in Ju Nana.  Actually, the first *any* butterfly in Ju Nana.  And it takes a bit of getting used to.

Aftermath: As a result of my fall off my bike earlier in the day, my butt was sore.  It made taking back falls an experience in pain.