Artfire: Christmas in July 7/12-7/24

Yes, it's a long way from December.  However, it will be upon us before we know it.  Artfire, the handmade craft site of which I am a member, is encouragin everyone to think about it now, so you won't be rushed later on.

There are a number of shop that are having sales, special deals, etc. for the next two weeks.  My shop is having a 15% off sale when you use the coupon JICODT at checkout.

To see all of the items involved in this event, click here.  Here are a couple of items featured during Twelve Days of Christmas in July:


YourTime said...

Great selection of items! All the best to you and everyone else for the Christmas in July event on ArtFire. I am following your blog now. Stop by mine too, at http://yourtimerambles.blogspot.com/ I am featuring artists on my blog throughout the sale!