From Twitter 07-02-2010

07:59:20: Took a class on band saw boxes last night. First one turned out ok, but it needs more work. It won't be ready for Monday's craft show.
08:25:06: Featured shop: Designing Rose: Watercolors, necklaces, rings, anklets, and supplies. Check this out: http://ow.ly/23NUP
08:40:05: Artfire: Spotlight shop: Designed by Audrey: Crystal teardrop earrings: http://ow.ly/23O3Z
12:59:55: RT @PaperCakes: going to be having a 40% off everything in shop weekend :)
13:01:10: No aikido tomorrow, so maybe I can spend the day in the shop. After, I hope, sleeping late.
13:02:12: Another 1/2 inch of rain today. Of course, it has to rain as I'm heading out to lunch!

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