Artfire: Featured Shop: Guild Free for All

This week we're having a guild "free for all". An item was chosen from some of our shops to be shared with you this week.

Each picture has a number and the coordinating shop, with a working link, is posted below.

1.  On Pens and Needles

2.  Swirl Jewels

3.  Haunted Willow

4.  Always Daddy's Girl

5.  Spiral

6.  Mad Moravian  (that's me!)

7.  VaBeachQuilter

8.  Jewelz Creatives

9.  Designed by Audrey

Check out this month's free giveaway at vabeachquilter's blog!


Audrey said...
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Audrey said...

Let's try this again. Very nice promotion for the Guild. Thanks.