Lunching out: El Rey ??

El Rey ?? (not certain of the full name) : A Mexican joint that took over the building of El Rinconcito. I'd planned on going to El Rinconcito, but since El Rey was in their place I did not have the opportunity. El Rey looked a little sketchy, housed in an old, run-down former Dairy Queen. The sign on the front of the building said "Open Soon", but the electric light in the window said "Open".

I pulled into the parking lot, opened the door and walked in. The lack of air conditioning was immediately apparent. I was greeted by one of the workers and my drink order was taken. They were so new that they did not have any iced tea, so I made do with a Coke.

I saw a menu on the far wall and order from that when asked. Ordered the enchiladas for which I had a choice of chicken or fajita. I went with the fajita. A subsequent set of diners received an actual menu, so they do exist.

My meal consisted of 4 enchiladas, rice, beans, salad and sour cream. The rice, beans, and salad were ok, nothing outstanding. The enchiladas were pretty good, I think they used a fair portion of chili powder for the seasoning, as there was a bit of red residue on the plate at the end.

The meal totaled to about $9 with the drink. I wouldn't hesitate to give them another chance, if I'm in the area again. But, I don't travel there very often.