Lunching out:: El Rey Pollo

El Rey Pollo: A random Mexican joint chosen from Urbanspoon. Seems geared toward chicken since they claim they're the King of Chicken. I'd disagree, they're maybe the knave of chicken.

The chicken was actually half-decent. A pain to work with, but decently flavored. I ordered the 1/2 chicken. It came with 10 corn tortillas, rice and charro beans. The corn tortillas were a real pain: stuck together and when pried apart, got torn in half. The red and green salsas and the chips were disappointments, as well. The rice and charro beans were ok. The glass of ice tea was of a nice size and came with a lime wedge.

The servers were attentive, although they took a while to get me the check. Overall, a disappointment. I don't think I'll be going back.

Rey Del Pollo on Urbanspoon